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Shevlin Park is a uniquely beautiful old park. Despite the proximity to Bend, and the age this is not your typical old city park. The picnic tables are scattered along crystal clear Tumalo Creek. Most of the park is in a primarily natural setting with a rare mix of magnificent towering native old growth trees. This is a great place to bring the entire family. Kids can try their hand at real mountain bike trails on the valley floor trails or learn to ride a bike on the paved road. Moms, and/or dads walking or jogging with baby strollers are a common sight.

There is a trail around the rim of the park that is relatively short but commonly done as an after work ride for folks living on the west side of Bend. As with the Deschutes River Trail, there are at least as many joggers and hikers as bikers, so be very courteous to these folks. Your right to ride here is not inalienable. The riding is pretty easy all around, but there are a few short climbs and obstacles which should not be an excuse for most beginners not to attempt the ride.

The Shevlin Park ride is commonly combined with the Mrazek Trail. Once you leave the park, and are on this trail, you can run full throttle. This trail was created by bikers for bikers so is a little more entertaining, but a lot less beautiful than Shevlin Park. The trail primarily runs through old clear cuts of various ages. At the upper end of the ride you will encounter old railroad ties. Early loggers ran temporary rail lines and picked up the tracks and ties as they retreated, after cutting everything for miles around. The only places they didn't get to were the parks like Shevlin and the real rocky volcanic areas like around Edison. Thankfully, the high hemlock forests were not considered valuable at that time, and those intact old forests can be seen on rides like the Windigo and Flagline. This must have been one of the last rail logging operations in the area for them to leave the ties.

There is fantastic slalom and giant slalom action in the second growth forests here. This is mostly on nice gradual inclines so the cornering is fun on the way up as well as down. On portions of the upper end of the trail the riding gets steep and is usually only done by bikers on a grand loop or more typically part of a descent that started at Tumalo Falls or Dutchman Flat. This is not an epic long steep climb like the kind you get to brag about, but you need to be in very good biking shape to make it all the way and enjoy it. If you continue the ride to Flagline near Broken Top from Shevlin Park via Mrazek, you can brag.

Getting to the Shevlin Park Trailhead: From Google Maps copy and paste "NW Shevlin Rd @44.083200, -121.377710" as a destination.

Getting to the start of Mrazek - (no trailhead but room to park on NF land) : From Google Maps copy and paste "NF-4606 @44.059360, -121.410910" as a destination.

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